Pastis production

The realization of a Pastis requires a particular know-how.

Each producer has his "signature" resulting in the following main characteristics:

- the fineness of the dough (as thin as a bridal veil, it is said, for a very delicate foliation)

- the quantity of apples, sugar and alcohol

- rolling is tight (eel) or air (more laminated)

- cooking and caramelization


 All these parameters constitute a subtle balance for the benefit of the choice of our customers.


10 manufacturing steps

1 / Preparation of dough pieces

2 / Preparation of apples (peeling, slicing, grinding)

3 / Streching the dough

4 / Drying

5 / Laying the filling (apples, sugar, rum)

6 / Rolling

7 / Spiral implementation in the molds

8 / Cooking

9 / Cooling

10 / Finishing and boxing

As you can see, manufacturing takes a lot of steps, and therefore time. This explains the price.



 For reasons of hygiene and confidentiality, we can not accept visitors in our production room. We do not do any demonstration either.