Sale of Pastis & Nuts Cakes

As well as 100% organic walnut oil and teas & infusions from the SCOP-TI cooperative

On the Cahors market every Saturday (8am - 12.30pm)

You will find us on the top of the market, prefecture side, in front of or in front of the main doors of the cathedral.

Possible withdrawal of orders at the Auberge des Gabares, 24 place Champollion.

At our workshop, Thursdays, Fridays evenings and Saturday afternoons.

The prices, indicated in TTC, were fixed according to the price of the raw materials, the work done which remains artisanal and the investments made to equip us with a workshop completely in conformity with the food standards.


Payment by check or cash.

Given the many manufacturing constraints of Pastis, production is simplified around 3 formats: "SMALL" / "MEDIUM" / "BIG"

"SMALL" Pastis


"Medium" Pastis


"BIG" Pastis


"SMALL" nuts cake  


"Medium" nuts cake  

12 €


17 €


24 €


12 €


17 €

~ 4  persons


~ 6 à 7 persons


~ 10 persons


~ 4 persons


~ 6 à 8 persons

Specific events

We are sized to provide village parties, weddings, birthdays, gourmet meals or other special events ...

Repas de la fête d'Aujols

Trial Urbain 2018

Fournisseur de La Chartreuse

Fournisseur du chef traiteur

Mr Poisson